Natural Refrigerants (NR), what is the big deal?

Much to the amusement of our competitors who continued to use CFC’s & HCFC’s until they were no longer permitted, Mr. Peter Huber led the field by decades in introducing natural refrigerants (NR) into Huber units as a standard in the 1980’s. Now forced to change to Natural Refrigerants by law, our competitors have started introducing units that use NR decades after Huber used them but without the song and dance. Having been producing such units since the 1980’s, designing units that use NR is a core expertise at Huber, even for the largest and most powerful low temperature systems (down to -90°C). And on top of that, many Huber units are available that use the most environmentally safe refrigerant of all, CO2. The “GL” range (Green Line) all use CO2 as a refrigerant.