10-years and going strong

A 100-liter and a 250-liter reactor had to be located in a specially constructed ATEX zone. The facility had no space left inside for the temperature control units (TCU’s). This presented an application complexity that Huber is used to dealing with. Two air-cooled Unistats were installed & commissioned to control the reactors (a Unistat 930 for the 100-liter and a Unistat 630 for the 250-liter) and a Unichiller 200T to cool the attached condensers. To solve the ATEX and “space” issues, the Huber units were located outside with the controllers being removed and mounted remotely inside the control room. After 10-years of faultless operation, the units still look like new despite living outside through all the weather that a European summer and winter can throw at them!