11.11°C +/-0.01°K

Last week was the “ChemTech” Exhibition in Mumbai. We had many visitors, one of whom wanted proof that a Ministat 230 could maintain 11.11°C with a stability of +/-0.01K (stable between 11.1°C and 11.12°C). He was particulary keen to see with his own eyes having been made a false promise of such stability in the past. At the Exhibition we had a Ministat 125 connected to a 1-liter reactor and a Ministat 230 running on its own. As the Picture Shows, we were able to demonstrate that under “Internal Control” on the Ministat 230 and under “Process Control” (Controlling from a process based Pt100), running at 11.11°C +/-0.01K was no Problem for either set-up.