Huber’s “Ministat 240”, a great performer!

The Ministat 240 is the largest of the “Ministat” family with a temperature range of -45…200°C, a 2 Kw heater and cooling power of 0.6 Kw at 20°C.


The attached picture shows a Ministat 240 attached to a 10-litre Buchi reactor. It is being used at a Chemical Research Institute in Crystallography studies over a a process temperature range of 0°c to 150°C. The Case Study link shows the performance of a Ministat 240 working with a 10-litre reactor from Radleys. Available in both air and water-cooled versions, the Ministat family can be seen in detail here:


Ministat 240      10 Liter Reactor Radleys 
Case study with Radleys 10 Liter Reactor

  Case study #CS_1226

 Cool down +20…-10°C
 Heat up -10…+20°C