Huber’s Unistat 530w controlling reactions at -20°C in a 100-litre reactor

The Unistat 530w has a temperature range of -55…250°C. With 9kW at -20°C it has the ability to quickly and effectively control the temperature of simulated reactions in the process mass in a Chemglass 100-litre un-insulated jacketed glass reactor. The results are self evident: a rapid response to a changing thermal load and stable control. This and many other case studies showing a variety of Huber units connected with a broad range of reactors from 0.25l up to 250-litres can be found on our web site

The simulated reactions are achieved using an electric immersion heater connected to controller with the reaction mass being simulated using 75-litres of Huber’s thermal fluid: M40.165/220.10