Industrial Scale Temperature Control to -60°C

The Unistat 680w has a temperature range of -60°C to 200°C. It is the largest unit in the “Unistat 600” series. Generating 130kW of cooling power at 0°C, 60kW at -40°C and 20kW at -60°C and fitted with a 96kW heater, it is capable of controlling temperatures in very large applications. The refrigeration system is compressor based and the heating is electric so there is no need for liquid nitrogen or steam. The user interface is the “Pilot ONE”© Controller is the standard Huber controller. An icon driven touch screen makes it intuitive and simple use. It includes a programmer, User & Administrative menus that limit access to important functions/features, hard and programmable safety features and all the functions that you would expect from a state of the art user-interface. Remote Control is possible via the standard LAN, USB or RS232 interfaces. An analogue interface (4-20mA or 0 to 5V), RS485, ModBus, OPC UA (“The Internet of Things”) are all available as options and can be easily fitted and enabled post-sale.

This unit is pictured at the start of its journey to a production facility in Asia. Now installed, commissioned and validated, it has proved to be a worthwhile and dependable investment through increased product yields and predictable repeatability.