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A Year Of Superlatives For HUBER

2016 – is certainly a year of superlatives for HUBER! We received an outstanding award in each quarter – every award standing for a different pillar of our company success.

TOPJob – honours outstanding employer qualifications. For evaluation and benchmark purposes an HR survey is generated in two ways: Employees as well as the employer contribute to a survey which is then examined and assessed by the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The benchmarking report describes the standing and allows a comparison. “Good employers are economically more successful, says Dr. Heike Bruch, Professor and Director of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource,” and “…the better the working environment, the lower the fluctuation rate and the better the health of the employees”. Our teamcertainly is a pillar of success. Our family oriented company practices an open door policy, direct communication, short routes and fast solutions. We care about our employees – it takes two to tango!

TOP100 – honours the innovation strategy, such as the innovation friendly senior management, the climate of innovation, the innovation processes and organisation, the outward looking of innovations and last but not least the success of innovations. All categories are examined and assessed by the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. “The innovative capability of a TOP 100 company should focus on the future; it should be sustainable – both in-house and in the outside world. This requires a rounded, well-balanced innovation strategy”, explains Doctor Nikolaus Franke, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. We give room for individual ideas, allow mistakes and improve our operations on a daily basis. Continual innovation is a core pillar of success for HUBER which is proven by the fact that our innovations find followers.

Großer Preis des deutschen Mittelstands – Grand Prix for medium sized companies – honours the companies objectives such as job creation and job protection, innovation strategy, environmental responsibility, general success and the social engagement. This award surely is one of the most coveted awards of the “Mittelstand” in Germany. We were nominated to take part by the Offenburg town council. The fact, that our economic success is based on ecologically and social motivated operations was considered to be one of the best in Germany made us proud and motivates us to continue  “do it our way”.Economical success is a major pillar of success and allows further investments.

Environmental Award of the state of Baden-Württemberg– honours the strategical alignment with respect to the energy saving greenhouse policy, as well as the innovations and investments made to benefit the environment. Since 1993 (7 years before the banning deadlines of CFC`s and H-CHC´s) HUBER customers were the first to work with natural refrigeration gases instead of the refrigeration gases destroying the ozone layer and with high global warming potential. Energy- AND water saving operation of refrigeration circulators, the use of sustainable materials, long lifetimes, recycling possibilities,…. were and are a clear focus of our innovations since 1968. The production facility (Tango factory) in Offenburg operates in a continuous energy saving mode starting from minimized heating costs as well as minimized water consumption. Our ecological technologies allow cost savings and fast return on investment. Taking care of the environment is taking care of the future of our kids. YES, we care of our enviroment!This pillar of success is fundamental for our future innovations as well as in our daily activities

We are thankful for the recognition and for the awards which are outstanding honors for ourselves and our exceptional team. We are highly motivated and will continue to do it “OUR WAY”. Further investments will be made and we will keep priorities to our pillars of success.

Daniel Huber

Daniel Huber

CEO, Chairman @ Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG. I am proud of running our family owned company as Managing Director and Chairman. HUBER is seen to be the technology leader for environmentally safe temperature control products from -125°C to 425°C. Our innovations are based on close communication and listening to customer needs. We have been recently recognized and awarded as the Top Innovator of the Year, Top Employer in Germany, Winner of the Grand Prix of German Mittelstand, the Environmental Price of Baden-Württemberg and we are listed in the Lexicon "Best of German Mittelstand". Love what I do. Find out more at: www.huber-online.com.

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