Protein Crystallography with PILATUS (the pixeldetector series by DECTRIS)

PILATUS pixel detectors made by DECTRIS are a proven solution for the crystallography of proteins in both, biological and pharmaceutical research. HUBER minichillers® are used to define constant temperature conditions and to achieve best results. … it takes two to tango 

In order to develop new biotechnological or pharmaceutical active ingredients, researchers often study the three-dimensional structure of proteins. In order to understand the relationship between the structure and the function of proteins, researchers analyze the three-dimensional atomic structure of proteins. This allows targeted optimization of molecules in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical research.

The protein crystallography is a major method in order to determine spatial structures of proteins. This measuring method requires high resolution and high accuracy detectors as X-ray signals provided by protein crystals are pretty weak. Dectris X-ray detectors fulfill these requirements and allow the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a protein using X-rays with highest sensitivity. 

PILATUS 3R Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detectors are specifically designed to achieve the best possible data quality in laboratory X-ray app3ications. They bring two key technologies — single-photon counting and hybrid pixel technology — from the synchrotron to the laboratory. PILATUS3 R series laboratory detectors feature DECTRIS Instant Retrigger, which enables substantially enhanced count rates and accurate count rate corrections…. (Dectris, Pilatus 3R for the laboratory)

PILATUS pixel detectors rely on constant temperature and this is where minichillers® do an excellent job.

Minichiller®  convince customers with good price and sustainable operation e.g. due to natural refrigerants, low power consumption, stainless stell construction a.m.m. The compact minichiller just takes a footprint of 225 x 360 but comes with 300 watts cooling capacity and ensures constant and reliable temperature control.

Daniel Huber

Daniel Huber

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