Stable at 140°C, see the heat! Unistat 510w & 100-litre Reactor

The Unistat 510w is an adaptable laboratory work-horse that can take on a wide range of applications. This is a standard Unistat 510w (Temperature range: 250°C to -50°C, 6kW heating, 5.3kW cooling from 250°C to 0°C & 2.8kW @ -20°C) connected with a Chemglass 100-litre reactor, itself filled with 80-litres of DW-Therm to simulate the reaction mass. As can be seen in the “normal” picture, through thermal expansion the DW-Therm has increased in volume to circa 90-litres. The Unistat 510w holds the reaction mass stable at 140°C. The ambient temperature was 29°C. This is an ideal example of the capability of the Pilot ONE controller and the “TAC PID” controller to be able to compensate for the outward flow of energy from the uninsulated jacket with a Delta-T of 121°C between the reactor outer wall and ambient.  This Case Study will soon be published with all the others on our web site and be available for download.