Unistat “Grand Fleur” controlling a 20 & 30-liter reactor

The Unistat “Grand Fleur” was designed to operate batch reactors with volumes of around 5-liters. The integral expansion tank to accommodate the HTF Expansion/contraction is sized for reactors of this size. The Grand Fleur shown is connected to a 30-liter and 20-liter reactor. The user selects which reactor to use via the (optional) ball valves. Note the locally fabricated expansion tank extension to the left of the Grand Fleur to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the (larger volume of) HTF. The ideal PID Settings for each reactor are different so the user stores the PID and operational settings for each reactor onto a USB connected to the Pilot ONE controller (a process which takes literally seconds) so that they can be easily down-loaded when the reactors are swapped. Fast, efficient and simple.