Battery Cell, Thermal Testing Simulation

“Will it work on my application” is a common question and to answer it we carry out many Case Studies at Huber. In the growing demand for battery cells to be charged and discharged quickly and safely, we look at how efficient a selection of Unistats are in controlling the temperature of a Cold Plate surface when the sudden addition and then removal of a known heat source to simulate the changing thermal dynamics of a battery cell when it is being charged or discharged. With a known wattage, the heating mats used as a heat source facilitates the gathering of useful data regarding the responsiveness of the Unistat to a changing load: the minimum and maximum over/undershoots as the energy level changes and the length of time to bring the test bed back to it’s set-point as the load suddenly changes. The tests were carried out at different temperatures to get a span of results for each heat load. Check out the full Case Study here