Case Study: Unistat 912w and 100-litre un-insulated glass jacketed reactor

Say what you do, do what you say. Huber’s case studies take the guess work away from choosing the best unit for the application. The user knows what thermal profiles are needed for their chemistry. The case studies provide the empirical data that enables the user to make a choice based on performance; not $, cooling & heating power or pump capacities. Here the Unistat 912w cycles the process mass in a Chemglass 100-litre reactor from 20°C to -70°C and back to 20°C. The case study also demonstrates the stability of control at different temperatures. The reaction mass is simulated with 78-litres of Ethanol and the heat transfer fluid (HTF) is Huber’s “DW-Therm“. Check out this case study and many more here: