Unistat “Chili” and a 20-litre uninsulated glass jacketed reactor

Pictured with an iPhone to give some perspective of size, the Unistat “Chili” is pictured here holding a Chemglass 20-litre un-insulated glass jacketed reactor at 150°C. The inlaid picture shows the same reactor heated to 200°C by the Chili. This remarkable sealed heating system is a full blown Unistat with all of the features and connectivity you would expect from a state of the art heating thermostat. As a sealed system there are no oil vapours, no oil residue, no toxic vapours to be inhaled and a massively increased working life time for expensive thermal oils. And the cost of it will surprise you…in the right way! Check out all of the Case Studies for the Chili here: https://www.huber-online.com/en/download_casestudies.aspx