Chili…Chili as in Spicy HOT, not Cold!

The new Unistat from Huber, the “Chili” is a heating only Unistat. It is a “low-volume sealed system” alternative to open bath heaters such as the “CC308B” pictured next to it. The Chili is an excellent option in applications such as short path distillation systems where high temperatures are required. Being a sealed system means that harmful (and sometimes foul smelling) oil vapours from the heat Transfer fluid (HTF) are no longer in the atmosphere, circulating around and contaminating the process equipment, the laboratory and inside your lungs. HTF’s such as “Marlotherm” can be used safely without the risk of inhaling toxic vapours (as per the manufacturer, the vapours from Marlotherms are toxic e.g: please see te MSDS of Marlotherm SH). Being a sealed System, the HTF is not in contact with the atmosphere at elevated temperatures. As a result, the lifetimes of HTF’s are extended by years drastically cutting operational costs with the near elimination of the replacement and disposal costs of HTF. In short, the Chili is smaller, saves operation costs and is safer, MUCH safer.