425°C! …freaking hot temperature control applications

Polymer research or material testing in the automotive, aerospace, defense industries often require high temperatures.

Above graph shows long term temperature control at 425°C


HUBER high temperature TCU`s (Unistat® TR series) are designed to provide temperatures up to 425°C and ensure safe operation and reproducible results. The unique construction design eliminates nasty effects such as oil vapors  or oil cracking and ensures fast response times when temperature changes are needed. Standard HT Versions have heating capacities up to 48kw and allow cooling via integrated heat exchangers of up to 10KW (cooling capacity). Intelligent flow control of the cooling water allows safe operation and avoids the effect of steam “engine” on the outlet of the water supply.

Unistats® are fitted with extensive safety equipment and are therefore suitable for unsupervised continuous operation. Relevant operating conditions are constantly monitored and the system is switched off if necessary or with the process safety feature the emergency cooling circuit is activated.


Visiting customers: Unistat® TR01w HT doing its job at a polymer research lab

The Unistat® TR01w HT  has a temperature range 50°C…400°C. The “wHT” means that it is fitted with a water to thermofluid heat exchanger, which, if connected to a suitable chilled water supply as the pictured unit is, the TR401wHT is capable of generating up to 10kW of cooling power at temperatures above 100°C with an extended temperature range down to 15°C (2 K above minimum temperature of water supply). Safety systems continually monitor the flow and temperature of the water flowing through the heat exchanger so that even when cooling at 400°C, the chilled water flowing through the PHE never gets close to boiling point. Below picture shows a typical installation with the TR401wHT installed at a polymer research lab.



Typically destillation plants are designed in vertical orientation and their building hight might take serveral floors. TCU`s find their places close to the condensore so that remote control gets into the focus of lab heads and appliction engineeers.  For cases as such the unique controller PILOT ONE® may work remotely or it may be connected to our easy go Pilot remote software which is also available as an ATEX version.

PILOT ONE® with table stand – allows remote operation
Pilot Remote Software GUI for “unlimited” remote control


When it comes to precise temperature control for temperatures as low as -125°C up to 425°C check us out or ask for references. www.huber-online.com


Daniel Huber

Daniel Huber

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