Industry 4.0 …@ HUBER we are ready for the Internet of Things

HUBER innovations have always been driven by the needs of our global customer base. For communication needs we have integrated communication interfaces such as the analog interface 4-20mA, digital interfaces RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB and communication protocols (Modbus, Profibus,…) and proprietary protocols such as the PB commands which are available as a HUBER standard since many years.

The new E-grade “OPC-UA” is now available for all units with the unique plug&play controller Pilot One® . It allows data exchange (e.g remote operation, data logging or recording,….) using the latest M2M (machine to machine) communication protocol OPC-UA (Openess, Productivity, Collaboration – unified architecture) via the ethernet interface of the Pilot One®.

A major advantage of this new standard is the fact, that OPC-UA servers and clients work in a secure and encrypted mode. Commands are send together with their description, whereby the communication can easily be configured with a graphical user interface. Other important features of OPC-UA are redundancy support and the indication of interrupts of the datacommunication between both server and client .

We hear from our customers that “OPC-UA” has become the favorite option of data communication in many industries. Beckhoff, Siemens (S5, S7), Allen Bradley a.m.m offer OPC -UA servers and OPC-UA clients are available from LabView, Matricon, a.m.m

Whatever the future brings @ HUBER we were born to communicate and we are ready talk your “language”…. it takes two to tango.

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Daniel Huber

Daniel Huber

CEO, Chairman @ Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG. I am proud of running our family owned company as Managing Director and Chairman. HUBER is seen to be the technology leader for environmentally safe temperature control products from -125°C to 425°C. Our innovations are based on close communication and listening to customer needs. We have been recently recognized and awarded as the Top Innovator of the Year, Top Employer in Germany, Winner of the Grand Prix of German Mittelstand, the Environmental Price of Baden-Württemberg and we are listed in the Lexicon "Best of German Mittelstand". Love what I do. Find out more at: