Huber’s Unistat T305 & a bespoke Pilot Plant

Constructed from Hastelloy, this GMP ATEX pilot plant from the company “Flowid” can be operated over the temperature range  -40…260°C. This particular Pilot Plant is operated at high temperatures and utilises a Huber Unistat T305 to provide the temperature control. The Unistat T305 has a temperature range of 65…300°C. As a sealed system, there are no oil vapours or their residues to deal with. The lifetime of the heat transfer fluid (HTF) is dramatically extended especially when used in conjunction with nitrogen vapour and the “Breather Control” to hold the expansion tank under a nitrogen blanket at temperatures above 170°C. As an option, the Unistat T305 can be operated via an ATEX controller located in the ATEX zone using Huber’s “Pilot Remote ATEX Version”.