Ministat 230 controlling a “Chemtrix” Flow Through Reactor

“Chemtrix” are an established, pioneering and leading manufacturer of Flow Through Reactors. They have lengthy and deep expertise having successfully completed several high profile projects involving these reactors.

Chemtrix kindly lent us a “PROTRIX” Flow Through Reactor to show as an application at the recent “Lab Innovation” exhibition in Birmingham.

The PROTRIX reactor has two fluid paths to give two temperature zones within the reactor but we only connected one of them to a Ministat 230.

The PROTRIX has an operating temperature range of -30…200°C with a maximum ramp rate of 1°C / Minute. We cycled the reactor through the range 0°C to 40°C first under “Internal” control and then the second profile under “Process control” using the PROTRIX’s embedded Pt100 sensor connected directly to the Ministat 230.

This basic Case Study shows the effectiveness of a Ministat 230 on this application.