On Board Diagnostics

Our Pilot ONEĀ  Controllers have extensive on-board diagnostics that continually record multiple parameters. This file, the “Service Package” is easily uploaded onto a USB-Drive so that the history of the unit can be seen and to help diagnose any faults. The same USB drive can record in real time, the “Service File”. This file is particularly useful if one is made when the Huber unit is first installed and then (perhaps) before a long campaign or as part of a scheduled maintenance, the same thermal profile is recorded and the graphic can be compared with the file made when the machine was first installed. Both files can be easily attached to an e-mail and sent for an analysis to any of our Service Centres around the world. The same USB drive can be used to record a process, the ā€œUser Fileā€. This file is a simple Excel file and can form part of the laboratory diary. All three files can be made simultaneously.Ā  The picture shows a Ministat 125 during a Case Study with a 1-litre reactor. The USB drive is recording the data shown in this Post as graphics. The recorded parameters can be viewed or hidden by clicking the appropriate box. The graphic belows shows that all the refrigeartion temperatures & pressures responding perfectly as the unit charges to each new set-point. Other Interfaces fitted as standard are an RS232, USB Host, USB Device and LAN.