Unistat Petite Fleur & a 10-litre reactor to -20°C


This Case Study demonstrates the efficiency and abilities of a Unistat “Petite Fleur” in controlling the process temperature inside an Asahi 10-litre vacuum insulated reactor. The process mass was simulated with 7-litres of DW-Therm.
The time-lapse video demonstrates several things: The expansion/contraction of the “process mass” as it heats & cools, the (standard) option of being able to remove and remotely connect the Pilot ONE Controller and the auto-scaling of the graphic display as it cycles through set-points.
The Petite Fleur is the smallest unit in the “Unistat” range with a temperature range of -40°C up to 200°C but as the video and the recording below show, it punches high above its weight.