Power & Control

The Unistat 680w is a powerful TCU. With 135kW of cooling and 96kW heating power with a temperature range of -60°C to 200°C. But that kind of power and the ability to control it takes expertise and multiple engineering disciplines: Refrigeration, Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, Software and Stainless Steel fabrication are all as important as each other. At Huber, we have all of this expertise and the skills in-house to design and build such a TCU. The result; Power with Control. And the control is via a full colour icon-driven touch Screen. USB host & device, RS232 and LAN interfaces for control/monitoring/recording for full remote communication options and the ability to control HTF flow & pressure. The main Picture Shows the Unistat 680w under it’s Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before being shipped to fulfil the temperature control requirements at a high Technology Aviation test facility.