Stepped cooling to cryo

The Unistat 912w has a temperature range of -90…200°C with 6 kW heater and 3.5 kW cooling at -60°C. The entire temperature range can be covered using a single heat transfer fluid (HTF) “DW-Therm” The picture shows a Unistat 912w being commissioned onto an Asahi 60-litre reactor. This combination was the subject of a case study that had impressive results in that the Unistat 912w was able to cool the reaction mass to -88°C.

Unistat 912w      60 Liter Reactor Asahi AG! 
Case study with Asahi AG! 60 Liter Reactor

  Case study #CS_1236

 Cool down +20…-80°C
 Heat up -88…+20°C
 Temp. control
 Tmin -88°C