Thermal Dynamics and Energy Conservation

With our long history of using Natural Refrigerants and our very early rejection of CFC and HCFC refrigerants, we also demonstrate that environmental practices have not only been central in Huber’s products but also in the very fabric of our factory. In progress at the moment is the construction of a new office block and a dedicated logistics building. Both have the same under-floor tubing circuit (through which water is pumped) installed that can be seen in this picture of the foundation of the logistics building. This tubing was installed throughout our existing facility during the construction under every floor and ceiling. Heat from all sources (e.g. testing water-cooled units) is captured and circulated around the facility. Installing this tubing carries a relatively high initial cost in the construction but over a relatively short period of time (a few years) the savings in energy and (therefore) running costs to keep the Huber manufacturing facility at a comfortable temperature through the seasons are drastically reduced. It just makes sense to invest a little more to save energy, protect the environment and reduce running costs. And it really is another demonstration of our expertise in thermal dynamics in practice!