Chilling Efficiency, the Huber Minichiller 300

The Huber Minichiller 300 is a robust and powerful bench top basic chiller. The picture shows one from a total batch of 20 Minichiller’s working in a research laboratory in Asia. Located in a safety cabinets, each one is connected to the condenser on a Rotary Evaporater and the vapour trap on a vacuum pump. Using Alcohol as an HTF, the Minichiller is able to maintain a set-point of -20°C. Measuring only 22.5cm x 36cm x 38cm, it really does punch above it’s weight! The Minichiller 300 is one of four units in the “Minichiller Family“, the others being the Minichiller 280, Minichiller 600 and Minichiller 900w. All of the units use environment friendly refigerants as standard.