Traceable Measurements

During the build and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of every Huber unit, temperature measurements are taken at many points around the machine. The digital thermometers used to make those measurements (thermometers under test can be seen above and behind the Unical700) must read out accurate information that can be trusted as they form part of the “Record of Build” and in some cases form part of the documentation required for GMP. This documentation is archived and remains accessable. The “Unical700” calibration bath provides an extremely stable liquid environment wherein the temperature sensors of the digital thermometers used for these measurements are placed. The temperature of the Unical700’s liquid environment itself is measured by a calibrated digital thermometer against which the digital thermometers used in out production facility are compared and calibrated. The temperature range of the Unical700 depends upon the Unistat to which it is connected. In this case it is a “Unistat 705” with a temperature range of -75…250°C. The lid of the Cal700 can be fabricated to securly hold sensors of different shapes and sizes.