DIN 12876 and why it can unintentionally mislead

The “”CC-K6 has a temperature range of -25…200°C and at -20°C has 0.05kW of cooling power. The pump delivers 0.7 Bar pressure and a maximum flow of 27 l/min and a maximum suction of 0.4 Bar and flow of 22 l/min. 

The temperature range, cooling power and pump data is given under the conditions dictated by the “DIN12876” stipulated conditions.

The cooling power is given using Ethanol as a heat transfer fluid (HTF), the temperature range is under “no load” conditions (i.e. only cooling & heating iteself) and the pump data must be stated using water as an HTF.

This graphic shows the effect of using a different HTF with the CC-K6 connected to a load, in this case a 1-liter jacketed reactor. The effect of differing HTF’s on the performance can be easilly seen.

This is just one of the reasons that we refer to our Case Studies that mimic actual conditions and show actual performance to avoid nasty and expensive surprises.