No Validation without Qualification and Calibration…

Apart from safety it is important that temperature control units (TCU`s) – like any other measuring and data generating instruments – provide reliable information. In order to comply with national and/or international standards, calibration is key. Documented qualification routines monitor and proof the functionality as well as the performance within a defined process. Besides normative or legal requirements, it is up to the operator to define these qualification standards. The validation process however confirm that the entire process finally leads to the expected (required) results.

The demand to calibrate temperature sensors is constantly growing as more and more processes need to be validated and documented.


Calibration inserts – A unique and easy option
Calibration inserts for various CC-models

Calibration of temperature probes can easily be handled with our “CC-Line“. These open bath circulators offer a temperature range of -90 up to 300°C. Stainless steel constructions, sustainable and robust designs and  state-of-the art communication options make these bath circulators typical and popular work horses in the lab. Over the years, more than 3000 ministats® have found their place into labs of the BASF headquarters in Ludwigsburg, Germany.  Ministats® and the CC-Line (more than 50 models) have a lot more to offer: A unique feature is, that all units are designed for the use of calibration inserts. These accessories can be inserted into the baths at any time when it is time for calibrations. Besides improved temperature stabilities of +/-0.01K, calibration inserts generate a great temperature homogeneity in the calibration bath.



Temperature Homogeneity

Temperature homogeneity: In comparison to the temperature constancy, both, the temporal and the spatial temperature distribution in the bath vessel are determined. Temperature homogeneity depends on various factors the design of the bath (round or with corners, mixing and of course the viscosity of the
thermofluid but also if objects are placed in the bath vessel.

Calibration baths – flexible and external options

For industries purposes or for even more accurate calibartion needs, we offer the external calibration bath Cal 700. It may be operated within a temperature range of -100 to +300°C whereby the temperature range finally depends on the selected Unistat® model. Temperature stabilities of +/-0,002K stability and a unique temperature homogeneity allow to calibrate multiple sensors at the same time.


Cal 700
Cal 700 connected to Unistat® 705
cover for multiple sensors









External calibration baths can also be customized in size and dimensions. Some models found their ways into sensor manufacturing industries where hundreds and thousands of sensors need to be calibrated in the manufacturing process or in quality tests.

Certificates available

For all HUBER temperature control products, certificats or test protocols are available on request. We offer

  • factory calibration certificates for temperature stabilitiy according to DIN 12876
  • calibration certificates for absolute temperature accuracy
  • and/or  FAT testing protocols

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