Multiple temperature (remote) control – anywhere, anytime

Pilot Remote Software:

Running a temperature control process from one point is daily work. Now you can also do multiple temperature control processes in your facility from one place only.

The new graphical user interface of the Pilot Remote Software enables full remote control of HUBER temperature control units (TCU`s) with a Windows PC.  The Software is a handy piece of software at a very good price for what you get. WYSIWYG: Run as many processes as your computer allows. Send and receive commands to each HUBER TCU with Pilot-One® Controller and get real time response.. all at your favorite place.

Secure authentication and encoding allows safe connectivity via an Ethernet network, the most common network in the industries.  the software itself allows multiple remote controls. The Windows PC itself becomes is the limiting factor of how many processes shall be operated. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) and comes with a hardware dongle (for any Windows PC).



The new Pilot Remote Software is a handy piece of software which allows multiple temperature remote control of HUBER products with Pilot One® controller. It comes at a very good price for what you get.

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Pilot Remote Software


Above Picture shows a set-up in the trainig area of our offices in Belper, UK running 5 HUBER TCU´s at the same time: In the 3rd Floor: 2 circulator baths with Pilot One® controller, 1 unichiller®and 1 Petit Fleur®, and in the basement a Unistat® 815. (HuBear has taken over remote control….) Thanks for the set up, Dr. Paddy Delaney !

Daniel Huber

Daniel Huber

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