The idea is as easy as it sounds. E-grade® stands for “electronical upgrade”. It is the most easy, straight forward way to upgrade your HUBER TCU with Pilot One® controllers.  Instead of offering 3-4 types of different hardware models (of course each with a different control head) we have develloped the idea of our unique E-grades®. One hardware – multiple choices: For budget reasons our customers may just buy the functionality which is actually needed.

E-grade® “Basic” is standard and already pretty powerful as you may see below. Should the requirements change and more functionality is needed, all that needs to be done, is to send us the serial number of the excisting HUBER TCU and puchase the required E-grade®. No question E-grades® save time and money big times and it secures investments offering future options to expand functionality.

We differientiate the following standard E-grades® (see table below):

  • “Basic” – this comes with all HUBER TCU with Pilot One®
  • “Exclusive” 
  • “Professional” – this is already the standard with all Unistats®

All circulator baths (cc-models) and Unichillers (with Pilot One®) come with the E-grade® basic and my be upgraded.


… and there are more E-grade® options:

  • “Explore” – extending the functionality of Unistats® with process information

The E-grade® “Explore” was specifically designed on customs demands. Getting an idea about the thermal process and all relevant data and being able to store this information makes this software a devellopement tool to evaluate process design and scale-up possibilities. It is a standard option for the Unistat range.

In a simple and easy to read format, this E-grade® displays process relevant temperatures, the difference between those temperatures, the power required to reach or maintain the set-point and if a flow meter is fitted, the flow rate of the circulating heat transfer fluid (HTF).
Through an easily activated feature, it gives the user an instant and real time view of critical thermal information.



Summary: The unique E-grades® are a way of enlarging the functionality of your HUBER TCU with Pilot One® controller just by buying a hardware related software code and activating the functionality package just by entering the code… its so easy!



Daniel Huber

Daniel Huber

CEO, Chairman @ Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG. I am proud of running our family owned company as Managing Director and Chairman. HUBER is seen to be the technology leader for environmentally safe temperature control products from -125°C to 425°C. Our innovations are based on close communication and listening to customer needs. We have been recently recognized and awarded as the Top Innovator of the Year, Top Employer in Germany, Winner of the Grand Prix of German Mittelstand, the Environmental Price of Baden-Württemberg and we are listed in the Lexicon "Best of German Mittelstand". Love what I do. Find out more at: www.huber-online.com.