Unistat “Chili” and cooling coupling

The Unistat “Chili” is fitted with a 3kW heater and has an operating temperature range of 65°C up to 300°C. As a sealed system, there are no oil vapours and as it is equipped with the Pilot ONE controller, has the full range of features and interfaces. Its small footprint makes it very straight forward to swap out existing open-bath units to eliminate the (sometimes) toxic vapours given off by some heat transfer fluids (HTF) at high temperatures and eliminates the issues caused by condensing oil vapours in the surrounding area. The picture shows the Chili fitted to a 5-litre vacuum jacketed reactor with the “Cooling Coupling” fitted. The Cooling Coupling is a water cooled accessory that assists the cooling of the HTF to accelerate the cooling of the application from 100°C downwards.  Check out the case studies of the Chili heating a range of reactors: 1-liter, 5-liter, 10-liter and 20-liter.